Very important information regarding the Danish Nationals 2017

Due to administrative problems does the original host of the Danish Nationals 2017, unfortunately, have to cancel the regatta. But…!

Fortunately is Hellerup Sailing Club ready to take over the regatta why we simply move the whole event to Hellerup. Hellerup is only 50 km. south of Hornbæk and only 8 km. away from central Copenhagen.


We are very sorry to announce this and hope it won’t cause too many problems for you guys.

Please let us know if above makes you need our help.


We are still working on the new NOR and will post it as soon as possible. Hellerup is where most of the Danish Melges boats is placed and has been hosting Melges event in many years. The club has excellent facilities and does also have accommodation for a couple of crews.

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